Preparing your quilt



A few notes on preparing your quilt and backing fabric

  • Keep all layers separate no need to pin or baste together
  • Check all seams for gaps or loose stitches
  • Trim all loose threads front and back
  • Square your quilt top and backing fabric
  • Press the quilt top, making sure the seams lay as flat as possible.
  • Backing fabric must be at least 4" - 6" larger than the quilt top on all sides, to accommodate loading onto the machine
  • Mark the top of your quilt if directional.  A safety pin or piece of fabric loosely stitched near the top works well
  • If you need to join the backing fabric.  Stitch using 1/2" seam allowance. Press the seam open.  Do not remove the selvedge this is the only true straight edge on the fabric.
  • Optional: If you do not purchase the wadding from us make sure that it is the same size as the backing fabric
  • Optional: if you would like us to complete your quilt and attach the binding please provide the binding 2 1/2" width and 12" longer then the measurement around the quilt edge.  For example 2 x length + 2 x width + 12" to allow fro corners and joining.

Please note that quilts should be free from embellishments, beading or buttons.  Any trimmings should be added after the quilt is returned.

 If you have any questions please call to discuss we are happy to help. Call now on tel 0759 090 1926